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Salon 2017 NYC

As an artist and educator I find few conferences more engaging and welcoming than The Salon. The world stage of decorative painting comes together as an international community for a few days every year to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and showcase the extreme talents of decorative artists from all corners of the world. If you are not familiar with this gathering click out the link below.



Live demonstration by Pascal Amblard showing the progression of painted roses through history, and just how difficult it is. Pierre Finkelstein and Sean Crosby, comedy duo, brought us some wood grain and marble techniques. Later a demo by Jean Sablé on textures and patinas.

Having attended two Salons I can say that this is an extraordinary group of individuals who pride themselves on humility, kindness, and above all, the ability to have fun and love what you do. If you are not doing that, than what are you doing?

#marble #grain #paint #wood #trompeloeil #faux #decorative #artist

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