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USITT Southeast Regional Conference

That's right. The annual USITT Southeast Conference is coming up and Florida State University is hosting this year! This is an exciting event with a ton of inspirational master classes being offered. If you haven't heard of it you can check it out here. The Paint Shop at FSU will be holding two master class: The first by my great friend Jessica Holcombe in which she explores the use of alluminum foil as a painting substrate. The second by yours truly where I go deep into the world of Trompe L'oeil in an attempt to take the mystery out of this illusory painting style. It is two part session in which the first is a lecture and discussion and the second is hands-on class where you get to dabble in some of the techniques. Seats will fill up quickly, so sign up now! The cost is astronomically low for the amount of stuff we are cramming into this two day event. Don't miss out!


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