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Recently I was handed a rendering for a realism inspired parquet floor. It looks like a fairly easy process, there is just a crap ton of it - technical measurement, of course. Ok, not a crap ton, but enough to make me want something to save time. So, a stamp walks into a bar... I know a stamp will save time when it comes to laying in the grain structure, as long as the the stamp is clear enough. The closest audience member is less than five feet from the set, so clarity is key. Usually I would reach for a traditional upholstry foam stamp, but this wasn't giving me the clarity I desired (and I am kinda bored with that same old song and dance). We made a few woodgrain "mothers" with a texture, and then cast it in urethane rubber, literally making a rubber stamp.

Initial urethane rubber cast stamp.

So far, this has worked pretty well, however we are still in the testing phase. Lots more to come in the next few weeks as I sample this out.

#stamp #cast #mold #grain #wood #parquet #floor

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