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Madison, Wisconsin

My family and I recently took a road trip covering almost 3,000 miles. One of the places we stopped was Madison, WI. We were there for only one day, but my uncle, aunt, and cousin were kind enough to take us downtown to see the Wisconsin State Capitol. The exterior is a study unto itself: white granite construction which was modeled after the U.S. Capitol.


However it is the interior that really blew my mind. It is home to over 36 varieties of marble sourced from all over the world. Not just any type of marble either, it is the really good marble that has character oozing out of it. Every floor tile I stepped on was a remarkable piece of that particular variety.


Why am I focusing on this? Because it is research, and the best kind, I might add. Because I was there, standing on it, able to look at every vein and every crack. There is nothing like standing next to a perfect example of marble, or wood, or stone, and to be able to photograph it and notate it yourself.


My family thought I was nuts, but I was in pure heaven, leaping from one tile to the next just staring at the floor. I probably looked like I had real issues, but this is for the sake of art, people!


Lesson of the Day: Don't forget to stop and look around you once in a while. The world is full of amazement.

#floggersandbristle #idea #paint #marble #study #wisconsin #madison #capitol

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